Employee Handbooks

prevent misunderstandings, complaints, grievances, dissatisfaction

The McGrath Consulting Group has developed employee handbooks for dozens of organizations nationwide. In addition to providing expectations to the employee and the organization, an employee handbook:

  • Promotes consistency in the day-to-day administration of personnel and benefit policies
  • Minimizes misunderstandings, complaints, grievances, and job dissatisfactions
  • Fosters understanding of personnel and benefit policies
  • Encourages consistency and management credibility
  • Saves time and management operating costs
  • Efficient new employee orientation management tool
  • Effective management recruiting tool
  • Documents fair employment practices and compliance with EO laws
  • Complies with state employment laws
  • Assists in complying with federal guidelines

Finally, an employee handbook can be a valuable legal defense for an employer faced with an employee lawsuit alleging that the employee was entitled to certain "rights and protections."

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