How It Works: Methodology

a unique consulting approach

1. Proposal
2. Scope
3. Methodology
4. Results

The McGrath Consulting Group believes the value of our services directly correlates to the extensive research conducted. That's why McGrath interviews a wide range of stakeholders for every project. We want to gain a comprehensive understanding of your current position and uncover hidden problems, conflicts, opportunities, ideas, and strengths. Our reports are never template-based; they are tailored to fit each client's environment and needs.

McGrath interviews a combination of governing officials, administration, department heads, fire chiefs, police chiefs, department leadership teams, employees, retired department members, neighboring municipalities, EMS medical directors, district attorneys, communication center directors, and members of the general public. This inclusive approach makes everyone feel involved and minimizes resistance when change is introduced following our study.

McGrath is not a one-dimensional, lone consultant. Rather, on every project, McGrath includes many highly skilled consultants. Each consultant focuses on their discipline and contributes a wealth of municipal experience, education, and expertise that generate well-rounded, comprehensive results.