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Human Resources Audit

creating systems that develop motivated employees

The McGrath Consulting Group offers a wide array of human resources consulting services for municipal entities and businesses (union and non-union) including efficiency studies, market comparisons, and master planning for:
· Staffing
· Scheduling
· Recruitment
· New Employee Orientation
· Turnover
· Employee Handbooks
· Training
· Policies & Procedures
· Personnel Records Management
· Performance Evaluations
· Management Assessments
· Regulatory Compliance
· Management/Labor Relations
· Uncovering Dysfunction in an Organization

McGrath also provides comprehensive compensation & benefit analysis including:
· Salary Structure
· Pay Schedule
· Job Descriptions
· Pay For Performance
· Benefits
· FLSA Exemptions
· Time Off
· Overtime
· Worker's Compensation

How would you answer these questions:

  1. Job Descriptions: Do you have job descriptions? Do they meet ADA requirements?
  2. Interview Training: Are your supervisors trained to conduct a legal interview?
  3. Employee Handbook: Do you have an employee handbook? Has it been updated within the last 3 years?
  4. Personnel Policies: Have you developed policies for the following:
    1. Employment-at-will?
    2. Family Medical Leave Act?
    3. Anti-harassment?
    4. Cell phone usage?
  5. I-9: Do you have I-9 forms on all employees? Where are they filed?
  6. Exempt or Non-exempt: Do you know the difference and are your employees correctly classified?
  7. FLSA Pay Cycle: Have you identified an appropriate FLSA pay cycle? Are you taking advantage of public safety FLSA pay cycles?

How many of these questions did you answer "Yes?" If you answered "No" to any of these questions, your organization could benefit from McGrath Consulting's assistance in performing an audit of your human resource practices, identify areas of non-compliance, and make recommendations that fit your organization's culture.

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